A Letter From the Founder and Dream For Future Africa Foundation Board Members

Dream For Future Africa Foundation would like to thank the Steve Tisch Foundation for their generosity in fulfilling our 2012 Wish List. Their donation permitted the installment of a new security fence, entrance and guard house along with a newly paved driveway. Thank you, Mr. Tisch, for allowing the Vocational Training Center to thrive beyond our imagination.

We are pleased to announce another gracious donation made by General Motors. They have provided the Vocational Training Center with a 2012 ISUZUD-Max Double Cab truck. There are no doctors or hospitals located on campus in the small rural village of Aletu, Ethiopia. This vehicle makes it possible to send children to clinics and hospitals in the capital of Addis Ababa when urgent needs arise. Thank you General Motors for making it possible for us to ensure these children have a means of transportation to receive proper healthcare.

We are always looking to the future of our students. We ask you to please visit our Wish List for continued support of our program. Just like the Steve Tisch Foundation and General Motors you too can make a difference!

On behalf of Dream For Future Africa Foundation, We are excited to announce that the recently completed Vocational Training Center in the Village of Aleltu, Ethiopia will be open to students this year. This unique and accredited center will soon provide one to two year diplomas in information and computer training, garment manufacturing (textile and weaving), hospitality and tourism, a nursing curriculum and much more.

To celebrate this milestone will be honoring Franca Sozzani, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia, for her commitment to the fashion, faces and crafts of Africa. The evening will take place at Spago on Thursday, October 24, beginning with a celebrity red carpet and cocktail reception, followed by an intimate seated dinner.

Aside from her work at Vogue, Sozzani has become a public figure known for addressing key social issues such as anorexia and the fight against AIDS as well as her commitment to empowering women globally by encouraging investment in the creative professions. Most recently, Sozzani was appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations, representing Fashion4Development (F4D), mobilizing the fashion industry to implement strategies for sustainable economic growth in the developing world.

Beyond her outstanding commitment, Franca's vision aligns with DFFAF's Vocational Training Center’s mission which also focuses on creating career opportunities for those less fortunate. Just recently she returned from visiting the newly built vocational center where she was able to see the impact DFFAF has made for the higher education of children in Ethiopia.

For more information regarding our special evening please contact: helpchildren@dffaf.org


Gelila Assefa Puck
Founder and CEO