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Think of all the generations that we will affect.

Devon Aoki, DFFAF Supporter

Areas of Focus

In 2011, the Dream for Future Africa Foundation opened a vocational training center for students 16-24 years old who would not be able to continue on to University.  By providing diverse skills-based training and certifications for a growing economy we could help create financial independence and close an unavoidable economic gap.   
This continues to be at the core of our work, as we evaluate, evolve and ensure our programs are addressing the local issues of our students and create lasting impact. 


Providing 1-2 year program that leads to certifications in trades such as sewing, garment-making and computer training that allow our students to gain the skills they need to thrive in today’s economy.


Ensuring our students are prepared for and exposed to employment opportunities that will allow for long-term financial independence.


Establishing a foundation for financial independence through career opportunities, personal finance management, and micro-financing turning students into entrepreneurs.

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